Property Renovation Success – Arbor

“The work exceeded my expectations as did the entire process of restoring the home.  Exceptional work and exceptional communication…”

Mike B., Neighbor of Renovated Property

Several months ago, I answered a knock at my door where a gentleman wanted to advise me that he was leading a project on the next-door property to get the home back in condition for sale. This gentleman was Sam Gates and he gave me his business card and urged me to call him if I had any questions or concerns.

The neighbor’s house was repossessed by the bank and had fallen into disrepair. Additionally, it had been almost 1 year since they had moved, and they were not exactly gentle when they left, so the property needed allot of attention. Sam took the time to review his plan with me and assure me that he intended to bring the property back into the neighborhood standards. He advised me that his crews were polite and professional and urged me to approach them with questions or concerns if any arose.

In subsequent discussions with Sam, I learned that he was a local guy and knew many of the local people in the construction business and many of the same people I knew. His knowledge of the area and the history of our development gave him the unique perspective and understanding of the allotment and the goals and policies of our HOA. He was quick to keep the HOA advised of his plan and progress, as he was with the adjoining neighbors.

Over a 2-month period, there were work crews in and out of the house on a regular basis, and they were always professional and respectful of the neighborhood. Sam was at the house almost daily, and routinely stopped over to advise the progress and upcoming plans for the property.

Then last week, Sam stopped over to advise me that the work had been completed and invite me to walk through the home with him and provide my input. The work exceeded my expectations as did the entire process of restoring the home.  Exceptional work and exceptional communication would be my comments on the project. There were no surprises.

I want to recognize Sam and the team for not only the restoration, but for keeping me informed and even providing advice and answers on issues at my own home. They did a remarkable job! I would never hesitate to ask Sam to do work for me, and I will recommend him to anyone with this kind of project.

Mike B., Neighbor of Renovated Property

To be a successful construction project manager means to complete each project on budget and on time.  Yet the letter from a neighbor above proves that getting there takes a lot of work.

“The best advice I can provide to any project manager is three-fold: show up on site every day, respect your contractors, and communicate”, says Project Manager Sam Gates.  He takes his own advice daily and this mantra helped make this recent Arbor project so successful that he received accolades from the local mayor.  As Regional Manager Randy Richter wrote, “That mayor was very impressed with Sam and our company for renovating homes in their community.  She noted we were not like others in this regard.”

What was the Arbor renovation?

The property was located in a golf course community with a HOA.  It was a large home on a beautiful plot of land, but had fallen into disrepair (see photos at right).  According to Gates, “it required delicate and specialized equipment and highly skilled professionals to maintain the quality of the allotment and property.”

The estimate called for exterior excavation, new drain lines, plumbing and electrical work, new flooring and carpet, fresh paint throughout and more.  With such a large job, Gates went to his most trusted vendor.

“The main contractor / crew I use… provides the best quality of work… and is fully aware of our specifications and quality standards,” he said.  Work began on time, but the project took longer than expected due to weather delays. One of the biggest components of the project, the excavation and new drainage system, had to be completed in the last week due to weather.

Despite the delays, Gates and his contractors managed to finish the job as expected and satisfy the entire community – including a very grateful neighbor – in the process (See photos at left from the final renovation).

“My approach to these renovations is: regardless of the house, quality and consistency of the workmanship must be at the highest level possible.  My team trusts in me and trusts in my experience and knowledge to ensure these homes get the quality standards our company demands.”

Congratulations to Sam Gates and his entire team on a job well done!

Renovation Success Metrics

112 Day Rehab

$97.5K Total Cost

1 Very Happy Community!

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