Property Renovation Success – Fern

Check out the images below to see the awesome transformation at the Fern property!

Eric Boers – IL Project Manager
Tell me a little bit about this renovation.

This renovation was one of my first projects with Ameritrust. The house was an eyesore to the neighborhood. The first day that I walked the property, the neighbor came out and asked when we were going to begin work. It turns out, the neighbor worked for the village of Oak Forest, and he would likely be the inspector on this job. He told me that the home was on the Oak Forest radar for over two years and it was one of their top three homes to complete before 2019. With that being said, I knew I had a tough task in front of me. I told the gentleman “Before you know it, the home will be the nicest house on the block.”

While walking through the home for the first time, I began to have a vision of how the home was going to look after we put a little TLC into it. The home had many challenges. One challenge that sticks out the most was the exterior paint job. It was painted a dark red all over, even the gutters! The roof was in good shape, but it was a weird color, so I had to bring out my design skills and pick a better color. All and all, everything came together just as I had pictured it on the first day. It is now one of the nicest houses on the block and we have received a lot of compliments from all the neighbors.

 What was the biggest challenge with this property?

The biggest challenge on this home was getting the village to cooperate. They took a while to release the permits and would add items to a report after the inspection was already done which made it hard to keep on schedule. However, by the end of the project they saw the quality product we put out and they were fair and very complimentary.

What do you enjoy most about working on these projects?

The thing I like the most about doing these projects is the ability to take the worst house on the street, the one with the worst living conditions and turning it into a safe, clean, beautiful home for someone to live in. I always say if I would not live it, then it’s not good enough for someone else.

Do you have any expert tips or tricks to share?

When walking a home, try to see what makes the most sense, from the kitchen and bathroom layouts to the wall colors to the overall floor plans. The flow of the house and the colors should match the neighborhood feel.



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