Property Renovation Success – Timbervale

“It was the worst house I have ever witnessed”.  At least that’s how senior asset manager Lee Rutland described the property at Timbervale upon seeing photos for the first time.  “It looked as though a tornado filled with trash had just hit the house.”

Like many properties managed by Ameritrust Residential Services, the house was part of a client’s REO portfolio and the project manager assigned to the job was unaware of what he would find inside.  Once inside, however, one thing kept showing up:  black discoloration on the walls.

“This house needs extensive mold remediation,” said the project manager.  He labelled it a health and liability risk, as well as an “attractive nuisance”.  In addition to the mold hazard, an aggressive mother dog and her pups were using the property as shelter, causing further concern.  Needless to say, it was a dangerous job that required a lot of work.

What kind of work exactly?  The initial repair estimate called for major demo, mold remediation from a certified contractor, drywall replacement, new exterior doors, new garage door, complete new HVAC system, new floor coverings, new appliances, and significant updates to most if not all lighting, electrical, and plumbing fixtures.  The exterior deck, handrails, shingles and landscaping also needed a significant amount of fixing.

Given the scope and complexities of the job, the project manager selected vendors that he could trust to be timely, prepared and accountable – vendors that had been vetted through our process and had proven themselves on past projects.

Work began within two weeks of the initial estimate, but the project manager was immediately shocked by what he found.  “Damage… [was] more extensive than the original estimate indicated”, he wrote, especially to the floor joists / sub flooring, framing, and electrical.

By submitting quality photos and descriptions, approval for the work was quick and the project stayed on track.  With so much to fix, demo took over a week and a half to complete.

“Photos only tell a portion of the story,” said Rutland. “We basically stripped it down to its studs and foundation, but it had to be done.”

The remainder of the work went as planned and construction finished on schedule.

Including demo and construction, it took a total of 48 days to complete the renovation.  It took a another week to finish punch list and QC and the home was ready for listing on the market by spring, the high season for real estate.

The listing photos on the right show off the renovated home.

It was a very large project, yet the team was able to completely and successfully transform the house.  “By the end it looked like a brand new home, as if it never had any issues to begin with”, said Rutland.

Within 10 days of listing the property, a lease had been signed and a happy family was ready to move in!

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