Vendor Spotlights

Vendor relationships are at the heart of Ameritrust Residential’s success. Discover what our vendors have to say about working with us:

Joe Swingle
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Sales Representative
How is Sherwin Williams differentiating itself from the competition in the paint industry?

Service, product availability and locations have always been strengths of Sherwin-Williams.  Coatings are our business and they are what we know best.  Our stores and sales teams are second to none in the industry and have allowed us to become the largest coatings supplier in the United States.  With over 4,000 store locations and over 2,000 reps in the field we are able to answer customers questions and provide the materials needed for your jobs in a manner no other competitor can compete with.

What is the advantage for Sherwin Williams working with a company like Ameritrust Residential?

Ameritrust has a structure and system that creates a very vendor friendly relationship.  Ameritrust’s use of standard products and colors nationally makes it an easier process to roll out to new markets.  By having a field hierarchy with multiple levels of management to correspond pertinent information has also been a significant advantage for us as a vendor.  

 Why do you enjoy working with Ameritrust Residential?

The people I interact with are the reason I have enjoyed working with Ameritrust.  They have all been very professional, helpful and polite in every way.  As our relationship has grown they have all been very easy to work with and have not been afraid to ask questions of challenge us as a vendor to provide more when it is needed.

Just for fun, what is your favorite Sherwin Williams color/swatch?

Worldly Gray SW7043, it goes with every décor and still can be considered trendy.  Yes, the majority of my house is painted with this color.

Caroline Meyer
Rite Rug Director of National Accounts
How did you get started with Rite Rug? What do you love about working for your company?

I started with Rite Rug 5 years ago as a Market Representative in one of our smaller markets of Ohio.  Within 2 years, I became a Sales Manager, and just 1 year later I became the Director of National Accounts.  Although our company is the #5 Largest Flooring Retailer in the US, we are the #1 Largest Privately-Owned Flooring Company and we run things with the care of a family business but backed by a large corporation.  Our leaders communicate freely and are always open to hearing ideas for our business.

How would you describe your relationship with Ameritrust today?

We have a partnership with Ameritrust and our Market Reps/Project Managers speak frequently on the different houses.  Today, we have currently done work in 4 Markets/State with Ameritrust.

What is the most exciting thing about working with Ameritrust?

We work with several companies that have a similar model to Ameritrust, but Ameritrust does an amazing job with their organization/communication with us and our markets.  HoneyBadger is a great tool where we can clearly see the amounts agreed upon, the location, and what step each project is in by their website.  They are a large company consistently growing and we are excited to continue to grow with them!

Scott Bailey - First Class Construction
Scott Bailey
Owner of First Class Construction
Tell us about your business?

First Class Construction was started in 1999 when we developed and built the local recreation departments. Over the course of 18 years, our company has transitioned into the residential home space and grown from a three-man operation to over ten crews. We have a wide range of skilled employees that strive for a quality on every single job and are known for their hard work, cleanliness, and respect. Because of this, we have grown into one of metro Atlanta’s best rehab, flip and maintenance groups.

What makes a construction vendor, such as yourself, successful in this industry?

Our company is successful because we treat every home like it is our own home. We clean up after each work day and our crews show up on time with no excuses. It sounds simple, but it makes a world of difference.

What do you like about working with Ameritrust Residential?

Our experience with Ameritrust Residential is a true blessing. The Ameritrust staff is very easy to correspond and communicate with. The projects run very smooth. Beyond communication, Ameritrust offers a very straightforward and detailed scope of work which means all our jobs are well understood and easy to follow.

How does Ameritrust Residential differ from your other clients?

There are a lot of companies that seem to have issues with paying invoices in a timely manner, but Ameritrust is not one of them. Ameritrust always pays on time. That’s a BIG PLUS!!!

Doug Lombardi
Owner of Arctic Air
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

I am 55 years young and have been in the HVAC industry for 24+ years now. I started Arctic Air 12 years ago and promoted it through word of mouth, picking up a few customers. By treating those customers (and all future ones) with the highest of work ethics, my business has grown. I treat my customers like family. I maintain the principles of honesty and transparency in cost while giving the highest quality of work and product. I always stand behind my work with warranties above the manufacturers. That combined with being the best at what I do (I have a little bit of an ego) has lead to a happy and successful business

What do you like about working with Ameritrust?

I believe that working with Ameritrust is great for us both. I offer high quality products and service to your projects without fail and you are providing beautiful finished homes that I’m proud to say I was a part of.  What impresses me the most about the company is your integrity towards the home remodels. There’s no cutting corners – your project managers are top quality leaders who pay attention to details. I feel blessed to be a part of Ameritrust and my company is truly better for it. 

How did you come up with your tagline, “License to Chill”?

“License to Chill” came to me by way of a trip to Key West. I saw “Licensed for Chilling” advertised on a plumbing and cooling truck. It caught my eye and I changed it a little. I believe it’s catchy and easy to remember, while advertising what I do and that I’m fully licensed. And I’ve always been a James Bond fan.  

Donald August
Owner of August Electric
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

I am a new business owner, but I have been in the electrical field for a little over 15 years.  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to follow my dreams and begin a new chapter in my life.

How did you get started with Ameritrust?

I am good friends with a senior P.M. for Ameritrust, who was eager to get me involved with this growing company when he heard I was starting my own company.

What is the advantage for August Electric working with a company like Ameritrust?

Being a new business owner, having the opportunity to get involved with Ameritrust was more than ideal.  They have work to keep me busy and the project managers are very reasonable, personable, and flexible.  As long as the work gets done the money comes and in a pretty timely fashion.

How would you sum up your relationship with Ameritrust?

My relationship with Ameritrust thus far can be described very simply as professional, fair, and I would say appreciated on both ends.

Jonathan Kelly
Owner of Red Squirrel Group
Tell us about your business, Red Squirrel Group?

Our company focuses on servicing REITs and hedge funds through the entire lifecycle of a property.  We conduct REO work, including property preservation and debris cleanups, provide fair and accurate bids and inspections for due diligence requirements, perform full turnkey renovations (materials and labor, or labor only) and complete timely unit turns.  We pride ourselves on being able to work within any model and provide quality work throughout each process.

You’ve expanded to over 15 states – what’s the secret to your success?

The secret to our success is building personal relationships with people through face-to-face meetings.  When we move into a new market, we (as owners and managers) personally go to the location to conduct our hiring, walk the homes, leverage our existing relationship network, and shake hands with our contractors.  It helps us establish that personal trust and ensure we’re treating people fairly so that our business continues to succeed.  While our company operates in 15 states today, we are willing and capable to grow into new states as client demand increases.

What makes your company a great fit for Ameritrust Residential?

It all comes down to communication and trust.  Those are two things that matter to us and the people at Ameritrust – in the field and in the office – are always ensuring that communication is clear and payment is fair and fast. If something is missed on the scope, everyone comes together on an agreement to get it fixed quickly and economically.  We know Ameritrust Residential has a long-term vision for growth and we’re excited to grow with you.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Ameritrust Residential?

The communication.  The key to getting things done in this business is communication and that’s the most valuable thing Ameritrust does for us – everything else is secondary.

Michael Wilson, Owner at Wilson Mechanical LLC
Michael Wilson
Owner of Wilson Mechanical, LLC
How did you get started with Ameritrust?

My company, Wilson Mechanical LLC, is based in Pine Hill, New Jersey.  When I started the business in 2007, we were a small two-man plumbing and HVAC shop doing residential service and installations.  Then in 2017, Ameritrust Residential came along!  It all started with an ad I answered on the “Thumbtack” app.  I spoke with a vendor recruiting manager, completed my vendor paperwork, and almost instantly the phone started ringing.

Where is your company today, just a year later?

Fast forward a year and the work hasn’t stopped. We now have twelve full time employees working exclusively on projects for Ameritrust Residential projects all throughout southern New Jersey.  We have helped complete 190 homes and have recently added a general labor division to increase the number of homes finished.

That’s incredible!  How would you sum up your relationship with us?

I would really like to thank Ameritrust for inspiring me to take this business to the next level!

Ron Spicer
Owner of Spicer Builders
Spicer Builders was established 25 years ago. With all of this experience, what is one piece of advice you would give?

Be honest and have good integrity. Working with people that I trust is so important because the project managers don’t have to second guess anything that I say or do.  If they ask me a question about something, they can trust my answer. It’s difficult in this industry when you have someone that you don’t trust and you constantly feel like you have to look over their shoulder.

How would you describe your relationship with Ameritrust today?

I would say that we have a very professional and friendly relationship with Ameritrust, and a huge part of that comes from the transparency between my men and the project managers. Working with a team that emphasizes strong communication is a big key – if the project managers don’t know what’s happening, then the project is going to fall apart.

How does Ameritrust Residential differ from the other clients you’ve worked with?

The big thing that differentiates Ameritrust – within corporations and builders – is the simplicity of the process. Once you get the paperwork and communication factor down, then it’s a straight shot to getting the work done.  There’s also the payment piece.  With builders, you always have to worry about getting paid, but with Ameritrust, they always pay on time which is a big plus!  Very quick to do their invoices and they hire employees who are very easy to work with.

Anthony Triant
President, A. Triant Construction Inc.

I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America at the age of 13 and a half. I have been a volunteer fireman for 25 years, currently serving as fire chief of my town. I’ve faced many challenges in my life, including surviving stage 3 colon cancer which came about after being in 9/11. But I’ve gotten through it all because I’ve got a great job and a wonderful family who’ve helped me learn how to stay balanced.

A. Triant Construction Inc. has been in business for about 24 years. We do all interior and exterior remodeling – painting, sheetrock, kitchens, baths, decks, windows, doors, just about everything.


I would say two things:

1. I know how to find companies that need me. Working for a large company like Ameritrust means that there is always a guaranteed influx of work.

2. I hire the right people and we get the job done in a timely fashion – all the Ameritrust PMs and senior PMs would agree. I lighten their workload, take photos for them, and I try to do what I can to be as efficient as possible.


I have been working with Ameritrust for about a year and a half now. It’s a funny story how I bumped into Ameritrust. I was actually finishing a job for another company when someone pulled up in the driveway and asked if he could get an estimate on the house. I told him that we had just completed the renovation on the home, and he asked if he could take a look just out of curiosity. I let him come in and see the house and he was absolutely blown away with the work we had done – wanted to hire me to do more. I got along so well with that PM that I knew right away this was going to be a good business fit.


I enjoy working with Ameritrust because it’s a company that is growing and expanding pretty rapidly. I like to grow with companies and jump on board in the beginning. The money is always there, the PMs and senior PMs are all really good guys, and the work is a little bit different on each house. Together we try to move fast and keep turning over jobs. From the corporate office staff to employees in the field, everyone on the Ameritrust team has been great.

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